Supercharged Morris Minor 1000 Project

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7th September Today I got round to fitting the chrome "Supercharged" badge, but now the slight pitting on the minor 1000 chrome badges is really obvious! I can get hold of the badges if you send me an email:

chrome supercharged badge

8th September Worked on the fuel pump layout, the pump is designed to work inside a fuel tank, and I am using it outside so made up a little adapter at the suction end. I will mount it as close to the tank as possible.

This might be the last time I update for a while, as I leave for university in a few days time, and the car will have to stay at home as it is not running reliably enough to drive and has no MOT or insurance anyway. Some pictures of the setup as of 26th September 2007, I imagine about 90% finished:

Back from uni for the Christmas holidays, I have realized that the fuel pump is designed to be mounted inside the tank and therefore will not work properly connected at either end by rubber hose as I have it. Have now bought a fuel pump from the metro turbo. Also given up on the HIF carb and fitted the turbo version from a metro turbo, I have the metro haynes manual which shows how the carb is setup so I will use this to work out the best setup. To my knowledge it is only the fueling that prevents the engine from running properly.

Video of the engine running... Click here to add to your favourites.