Supercharged Morris Minor 1000 Project

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Wolseley 1500 front brake drums. They are a straight swap for the minor ones, no mods needed, so should be very easy to sort. (If the brake cylinders are damaged or worn, then it is often cheaper to modify standard minor brake cylinders to fit them instead.)

They should have been very easy to fit, but in reality the bolts holding the standard brakes on the car have never been touched since the car was made, so it took a while to loosen them.You can use the standard minor brake hoses, I fitted new ones at the same time.
Wolseley 1500 front brakes

5mm plastic tubing and connectors, to setup negative crankcase pressure. There is threaded hole in the inlet area of the supercharger, which probably had an electrical sensor fitted. I will use this hole to provide vacumm for the distributor and the crankcase.Having the distributor vacumm feed here should make the engine respond quicker to changes in throttle position. The negative crankcase pressure is an attempt to prevent oil leaks, my main concern being the rear crank scroll seal.
negative crankcase pressure

This is one of the wolfrace wheels after a few coats of chrome effect paint and lacquer. I now need tyres, valves and new sleeved wheel nuts are needed. They are 4" PCD so no mods to the hubs needed. A bargain on ebay, £100 for six of them! I am now going to use these instead of the rostyle ones, no difference in performance as they are the same size (13" diameter and 5.5" wide) but I think they look alot better.
Wolfrace allow wheel

This is me testing the 1275 engine without the supercharger, just with a hs4 carb fitted, to make sure the rest of the engine is all working before troubleshooting the supercharger setup. Unfortunately the battery was knackered and didnt spin the engine nearly fast enough to fire up, but with the spark plugs removed it built up good oil pressure, you can see the gauge temporarily bolted to the supercharger bracket. Oil pressure was above 90PSI so I know there is nothing majorly wrong with my rebuild.

testing the engine

As of 7th July 2007, I now need a new battery, tyres for the alloy wheels, a clutch mechanism and a few other bits and pieces before its MOT time!

The car is featured in the august 2007 edition of "Minor Monthly" in the "under construction" section. They also want to do a feature on the car when it is on the road, so look out for that in the near future.

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