Supercharged Morris Minor 1000 Project

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This is the pipe connecting the radiator to the thermostat outlet.The new radiator does not have a pressure release cap, so I have cut the fitting off the standard minor radiator and soldered it to a copper T piece.. The pipe is made out of central heating 28mm copper piping parts, and sprayed with chrome effect paint. The piping leading from the radiator to the water pump will be slightly harder,I will try and use copper water pipes for this also.

radiator adapter pipe


This is the piping leading from the radiator to the water pump. water pump will be connected to the end on the right, the heater return pipe will connect to the smaller diameter pipe and the end on the left will lead down to the radiator via a flexible hose.

radiator piping


This is a view of the intercooler piping. Carb currently held on with molegrips! It all seems to fit together well. intercooler and carb


This is the whole engine, I still need to sort out the idler pulley, which will bolt onto the theromostat
housing on a sliding mechanism to adjust the belt tension. I have tied it down as I hope to test it before fitting in the car.

. engine setup

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