Supercharged Morris Minor 1000 Project

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This is an MG metro turbo cylinder head, ready for some porting and polishing. Previous owner had modified it to have 36mm inlet valves and 31mm exhaust valves.

. Mg metro turbo cylinder head

This is a close up of the throttle mechanism. the throttle body originally had a stepper motor attached, I have removed this and converted it to cable operation in a similar way to the HIF carburetor setup. It will have to point downwards instead, as it would not clear the bonnet otherwise. This might make routing the throttle cable difficult.
throttle body adapter cable

This is the outlet manifold, sprayed with chrome paint. For some reason the engineering company have made it out of lots of flat piecesof metal that have been cut and welded into a curved shape. I was expecting it to be a bent piece of steel pipe welded to the flange. Ideally it would have a funnel collector shape to minimize flow loss, also it fouls the rocker cover. I will use it for now and maybe design a better one later on.
supercharger outlet manifold


Supercharger trial fitted to the cylinder head. Need to sort out the idler pulley, it will be bolted to a bracket above
the thermostat housing, and moveable left and right to adjust the belt tension.
supercharger setup

Another shot of the engine, as you can see the outlet pipe will foul the oil filler cap on the rocker cover.
for the time being I can mount the rocker cover the other way round with a little modification to the mounting holes but it is not ideal and may leak oil.
supercharger setup


I have made this out of softwood to the same shape as the original glovebox cover surround, and from left to right installed boost gauge, oil temp gauge, rev counter, oil pressure gauge, ammeter, and water temp gauge. The boost gauge and temp gauge have different coloured finishing rings, I will replace these with chrome ones to match the other gauges. The red warning light I will connect to the oil pressure warning switch, as it is more noticeable here than in the speedo.
custom dashboard

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