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Supercharged Morris Minor 1000 Project

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This is the custom crankshaft pulley, it is made from the inner section of the later type damped pulley,
with an aluminium outer ring which has a single groove for the fan belt, and then 6 small grooves for the supercharger belt. Supercharger custom crank pulley

Supercharger custom crank pulley

This is the bottom end, the block is an MG midget 1275cc, the crank is an A+ type with the larger con rod journals.
It has been hardened (Tufrided) and centre main bearing strap will be fitted. The con rods are also A+ to match the crank. 1275cc MG midget block

This is an alloy radiator from an audio 1.8L engine, with electric cooling fan.
audi radiator


This is a picture of the supercharger fitted on the cylinder head, a metro turbo item. The supercharger will be held in place using the three red brackets (one is not visible in the photo). You can also see the HIF44 carb with the throttle plate removed. A throttle plate is no longer needed here as we have one at the inlet of the supercharger.

supercharger setup

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